Warehousing and storage

From packaging material to general cargo. Our distribution centre in Moerdijk boasts 22,000 square metres of flexible storage. Our Warehouse Management System can also provide an efficient insight into your stock.

Intake, storage and exit

We store the incoming goods during the intake process. We can issue a goods receipt and carry out damage inspection for the customer, if so required.

Our Warehouse Management System allows for very efficient stock management and quick actions with our customers.

We collect the order in our distribution centre and subsequently prepare this for shipment. Our digital tracking system provides the customer with assurance of a complete load.

Stock management

Efficiently managed stock is absolutely crucial in the business process. Too much stock will result in higher costs, but too little stock means you won’t be able to deliver.

We’ll provide the customer or the project managers involved with an insight into the stock. KS Project Logistics will provide your customer, as and when requested, with a timely and complete delivery of the right goods.

This will save you costs, while also optimising the sale and delivery of your goods.

We’re very aware of our role in your process at KS Project Logistics. Your reputation and quality promises are most certainly in excellent hands with us. Providing a well-organised and timely delivery will result in happy and satisfied customers and a good reputation.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a software solution which provides an insight into your company’s entire stock at KS Project Logistics.

Order picking, packing or repacking

We can deliver your cargo to the customer in phases, in combination with our distribution centre. Our digital tracking system will completely unburden you of your logistical challenges where order picking, packing or repacking are concerned.

Storage and phased deliveries to your production process are also an effective way of increasing your (temporary) production capacity.

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