Transport and distribution

Irrespective of whether it concerns a number of pallets or container transport; we can look after your complete logistical processes. We work from both our centrally located distribution centre in Moerdijk and from your project location.

Imports and exports

All the administration surrounding imports and exports can be significantly complex and time-consuming. KS Project Logistics can help you to ensure the import and/or export of your goods runs smoothly. This could include us taking responsibility for organising your Bill of Lading (B/L) or consignment note, commercial invoice, certificate of origin and invoice statement. Or where export is concerned: the customs declaration, the document of origin, the transport document, the bank documents and the export administration. Read more about imports and exports.

Full freight or part loads

We can organise anything for you, irrespective of whether it concerns container transport, pallet loads, part loads or Full Truck Loads (FTL). KS Project Logistics has gained extensive experience in organising a variety of different transports. Our network of carriers and experts means your load is in excellent hands and you can rest assured it will arrive at its destination both safely and on time. Wherever in the world this may be.

Strategic location in the port

KS Project Logistics’ unique location in the port of Moerdijk has made us the perfect partner for global transport. We are strategically located in relation to Rotterdam and Antwerp and have direct sailing connections to the UK, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania and Poland. We also have access to rail connections with Segrate (Milan), Duisburg, Ludwigshaven, Wroclaw, Geleen, Piacenta and Antwerp.

We transport part and full cargo loads to and from various English ports every single day. We specialise in fragile and difficult loads and make sure your load arrives safely and without suffering any damage. Our global network thereby helps to deliver your load as quickly and as efficiently as possible. And last but by no means least, our strategic location in the port of Moerdijk ensures we can offer our services at very competitive prices.

Storage and transshipment

KS Project Logistics now has a brand new 18,000 square metre distribution centre at its disposal in the port of Moerdijk, right next to the container terminal. The absolute ideal place to store your goods. Plus we can offer our customers a fenced and secure area. Are you not in need of storage, but you would like your load to be transported as quickly as possible? We can do that for you too. We specialise in the transshipment of goods (cross-docking) and will transfer your undamaged products into containers, or vice versa from containers into trailers. So you’ve certainly also come to the right place for the transshipment of imported goods. We’re specialists in loads with exceptional dimensions too, like long goods which only just fit in the containers, or heavy goods.

Our skilled personnel will ensure everything in the containers is stowed and secured in a seaworthy manner.

The best mode of transport

Sometimes transport by road may be the best solution, whilst transport by water, air or rail may prove to be a better alternative at other times. We know effective solutions require customisation. That’s why KS Project Logistics enjoys thinking along about the best way to transport your products. Whichever form of transport we end up opting for: safety, service, reliability and speed are always going to be our central focus points.

Loads with unusual dimensions

Long loads or loads with unusual dimensions? Absolutely no problem. Our extensive experience and our global network of carriers means we know how to get the load to the desired location in a safe, professional and damage-free manner better than anyone.

Container stuffing

We have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the field of container stuffing (the loading and stowage of goods in containers). We also have a Simply container loading platform at our disposal. This allows us to quickly and efficiently load complex or large loads into a container and subsequently secure the cargo in a professional and seaworthy manner. We also have the option of using this smart platform at the unloading location if so required, which will allow us to quickly and safely unload the container.

Transport packaging
We have our own woodworking shop where we produce custom export packaging. It goes without saying we’re certified in producing export packaging and we comply with international conditions, like the use of ISPM-15 certified wood. This allows us to guarantee your cargo always arrives at its destination safely and without incurring any damage, plus the packaging complies with international legislation.
Global network of carriers
KS Project Logistics has acquired many years of experience with building and construction projects all over the world, which has resulted in us now having access to an extensive network of local carriers, shippers and forwarders. Each and every one of these are reliable partners, who are completely familiar with our way of working. Our short lines of communication mean we can take quick action literally anywhere in the world. We therefore guarantee your goods will be delivered to the building or construction site, factory hall or distribution centre on time.

The times we live in have put pressure on every single one of us, everything has to be fast and cost efficient.

We can help you with this!

Cross-docking is the transfer of goods from one mode of transport to another. There’s no storage involved as the goods are instantly loaded again once they’ve been unloaded. This is a huge step where your transshipment’s efficiency is concerned, plus it saves on unnecessary costs and allows you to realise quick deliveries to your customer.

Our location right next to the port of Moerdijk means we’re also the ideal Western Europe gateway to countries like Spain, Portugal, Norway and the UK.

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