About KS Project Logistics

KS Project Logistics is a logistics service provider, specialised in complex logistics processes. We first started back in 1975, as a logistics department within our parent company KS Profile (back then: Kontinex Staal, hence our name). We’ve since become an independent company and provide transport and distribution, storage and project management services right across the world. We effectively add value to logistics and transport.


KS Project Logistics is working hard to contribute to a sustainable world. Transport and CO2 emissions are now an increasingly more important element in the production process.


KS Project Logistics originated from parent company KS Profile, founded in 1975 under the name Kontinex Staal. Kontinex Staal, which started out as a trading company in steel profiles, soon started its own production processes. Storage and distribution thereby formed an essential function.

The people at KS

KS Project Logistics wants to be able to add value during every phase of a project and that’s something you can realise with good people. We will take care of your project as a team.

The people at KS Project Logistics, each in their own field of expertise, will make sure our technical expertise will result in real added value for you. We look forward to introducing ourselves to you and would like to invite you to contact us for a personal introduction.

What does KS Project Logistics do?

We ensure your cargo is quickly, safely and efficiently transported or stored. We provide customised solutions, as we’re very aware of the fact every customer and every project is different and unique. We think along with our customers and provide them with complete peace of mind. We transport approximately 72,000 tons of goods on an annual basis and have access to more than 22,000 square metres of storage space. Add to that our many years of experience in building and construction projects and you’ll undoubtedly understand why we have such a distinctive position in the market.

Moerdijk and across the world

KS Project Logistics is located in Moerdijk: an ideal and central location, close to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Our location on the water allows us to instantly take any incoming cargo to the right place in our storage or transport. Our unique location has made us ultimately suitable for the storage and transshipment of products to the UK. But our location in Moerdijk certainly doesn’t mean our operations are limited to this location. We operate on a global scale.

The people at KS Project Logistics

We believe good, involved and committed people make all the difference and that’s exactly why we invest in our employees. We do this through participation and involving everyone. Safety is at the absolute top of our list of priorities, which is one of the reasons we conduct toolbox meetings. Our motto is: dream big, work smart, stay humble. We’re also very mindful of each other and the world around us. We’re lucky enough to have a close-knit team of professionals and we’re known for our flexible attitude and the fact we think in terms of solutions. You’ll often hear people in and around our workplace say ‘So how can we get this done?’. 

KS Industries

KS Project Logistics forms part of KS Industries: a family business with more than 250 employees which operates globally from Moerdijk. KS Project Logistics is an independent division, but we work closely together with KS Profile, KS Service Centre and KS Systems on a daily basis. These collaborations result in great impact and concrete added value for our customers.

Curious about what we could do for your company?

Then please do get in touch and we’ll happily talk things through with you.